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Handsome Fella is more than anything else, a male lifestyle brand that operates as a marketplace and retailer. We want to provide men with the option of buying quality goods created by independent makers and creators, products that are that bit different to what you will find on the high street. We have a range of makers as part of our community providing to men handmade grooming products, tools and accessories made in the UK. As well as, designers and brands creating new and different kinds of clothes that are made in new and innovative ways to higher quality. We are passionate about supporting manufacturing here in the UK, and are working on bringing on board more brands that make clothes right here in the UK. Something that we believe means you get a better standard of clothes while knowing you are supporting a team of individuals that love what they do and are getting paid a fair wage and working in good conditions, while simultaneously doing good for the environment. We want our customers to feel a real social and personal link to the clothes they wear. 

When we do work with smaller and independent brands that make clothes in other parts of the world we will only do so if those brands are committed to high environmental and social standards and have a good reason for having their clothes created where they do. 

We want to continue to expand the range of items and products we sell all the time, adding more artisans, makers, creators and designers to our community. Bringing to men new kinds of lifestyle products that can enhance their lives and make them feel that little bit happier and content in their everyday. 

Company Registration number: 11663767

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Cavendish House, Chertsey Road. London. TW11JD

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