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Handsome Fella spends a lot of our time on the look out for new makers and creators of fantastic grooming products from across the UK. We want to find products for men that are just that little bit different to the standard male grooming products you will find on supermarket shelves. Yes, products that are made ethically and using natural and healthy ingredients but also products that are created by passionate people, who really care about what they create. We want each one to be injected with their own history and story that is unique to that individual creator, something that makes them stand out from the busy crowd of bathroom products men can buy. They're just that little bit more interesting, and at Handsome Fella we want you to be proud to keep them on your bathroom shelf (or wherever else you'd like to keep them, really).


Our current makers include:

  • Beard Juice
  • The Dartmoor Soap Company 
  • Hogwash Soap
  • Sheffield Skincare
  • Mariner Jack
  • Mr Masey's Emporium of Beards
  • Zousz
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