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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Ethical and Sustainable Clothes Making Services

We work with Madras Fuse, a social enterprise that supports previously abused women in India. They offer a clothes and textile making service. Please email us for more information or to enquire about this. This is an ethical and eco friendly manufacturing service. The clothes are stitched and sewn together by well paid women that are provided with a secure and stable income. All fabrics are sourced responsibly and sustainable fabrics and materials are used. 

£4.20 per dress/ skirts, a minimum of 50 dresses. The client will pay for the fabric and shipping charges 

£2.60 per table runner, a minimum of 200 table runners. The client will pay for the fabric and shipping charges

£2.10 per scarf, a minimum of 500 scarfs must be ordered. The client will pay for the fabric and shipping charges. 

£2.10 per organic cotton T-shirt. 

Please get in touch to ask for any specific type of designs or clothes you wish to be made, we can always check what is possible. We can then quote you a price. We also can provide you with images and examples of fabric that can be used. 

To make an order or to ask any questions you may have please email us.

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