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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


If you have any problems with your product or delivery then please send us an email or find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @HiHandsomeFella 

We will respond to your enquiry within 24hrs and will try and fix any problem or issue you have. 

All our products are made by smaller and independent businesses and they directly ship their products to you when you make an order. Therefore, if you order multiple items from different makers/ sellers then items will arrive separately often using different couriers. If you ever do have an issue with delivery or something is wrong with your product please do contact us here at Handsome Fella and we will work with the maker in question to sort out the problem. 

Since we work with smaller businesses there may sometimes be the odd mistake made (luckily rarely). If that ever does happen we know that the makers we work with will always be very sorry for this and will work to solve the problem asap. And we will always work with them and you to make that happen. It's amazing how many things can be solved just through simple communication so please do just get in touch if you ever have a problem with our products or service. 



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