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6 x Waterless Glass cleaner and 5 Bamboo cloths


The Spray bottle of glass cleaner is totally non-hazardous formulation is completely free from all. Abrasives, phosphates, bleach, solvent, petroleum, acids, VOC's and any other harmful ingredients, making it environmentally friendly.Can safely be used on dry or wet surfaces in direct sunlight and shade to remove dirt, water spots and is the perfect product for cleaning glass and mirrors.Easy to use just spray a mist on to the glass wipe on and polish off. For best results use a bamboo cloth, spray the surface and spray some onto the cloth wipe on to the surface, then using a clean bamboo cloth polish off. Eco refills are available. The bottles are designed to spray a fine mist for even distribution onto the surface. Bamboo is the premier choice as a eco-friendly cleaning material. Excellent for applying our cleaning products and for polishing.


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