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Bamboo Straws - 250 pcs

£150.00 £135.00

BAMBOO BULK BUY!!! 250 Hand-made, sustainable and eco-friendly drinking straws made from bamboo in Indonesia.

Natural, no chemical finish and environmentally friendly drinking straws made from bamboo by our Indonesian home industry producers, these straws are high-quality and re-usable, with our team selecting the best of the best for you. We produce these straws with bamboo craftspeople across Bali, Java and other Indonesian islands, and distribute them to happy stockists and end-users across the world using DHL.

These straws are 22cm long, approximately 8mm in diameter, and perfect for any occasion. The holes are naturally large and suitable for most drinks. Straws can be cleaned over and over again, and tend to increase their shiny look the more often they are washed.

All our straws are boiled then dried naturally with UV for sterilisation. Completely organic and no chemicals used at all during the process.

This placement is for 250 straws in total.

Other sizes are available for order. We are also ready for large wholesale orders, so please feel free to get in touch.

Available for wholesale. Please create an account to access wholesale discounts available or email us to enquire about wholesale:


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