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Well Groomed Wizard Beard Brush


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For bigger beards, make sure to have a beard brush lying around to keep your facial hair looking stylish. A big beard does not need to give you a caveman vibe. Instead with a bit of beard oil, balm and quick brush you can come away more Clooney than caveman. This beard brush from Well Groomed Wizard is perfectly designed for larger beards, and is easy to use. Run some beard oil through your beard and then brush. Regular brushing will promote: Better blood flow and quicker beard growth, A tangle-free and less knotted beard and a less curly and fuller looking beard.

Compact Size: Measuring 14 x 6.7cm. 

Natural Bristles: These bristles are coarse enough to tackle the wildest of beards, yet soft enough to avoid irritating the skin underneath.


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