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Femesure Cloth Menstrual Reusable Pads

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Femesure pads are made by a passionate DIY Mommy. It has a stay dry layer on top with Athletic Wicking Jersey, Absorbent fabric with cotton fabrics and water resistant backer to avoid leakage

What you Get:

There are a number of beautiful cloth menstrual products available on the market, what makes Femesure products unique is that I've tried to address the 2 following issues I encountered when I began using cloth products: 

1) COST: Many products are gorgeous and nearly all will save you money over disposables as they last YEARS, but the initial investment can be high. I want you to be able to use cloth products without breaking the bank!

2) BREATHABILITY: I choose not to use PUL in my Femesure products. While I do use this in diapers this is because of the sheer volume of liquid one has to retain! During the entire menstrual cycle only a few OUNCES of fluid is expelled. I've found that if you size the product properly to your flow there is no need for waterproof layers. At most a breathable, thin layer of fleece might be used in pads. This means greater airflow, less bacterial growth and less odor (a common problem with disposable pads). Unlined pads are more comfortable for most women. If you have particularly heavy flow you might want to consider a feminine cup (internal product) with a cloth pad back up.

All Femesure Products come with Care Instructions

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