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Thomas Michaels Black Label Shaving Soap 100g


This product is a part of our Marketplace and will be sent to your directly by the maker of the product, Thomas Michaels. 

This is a more traditional appearing yet modernly engineered shaving cream that will improve and enhance your shave. A more sophisticated alternative to the standard shaving creams you find on supermarket shelves. It comes in the form of a slightly thicker cream that when rubbed onto your skin will create a satisfying lather that your razor can glide through easily. The presence of oils such as organic olive oil, organic coconut and sustainable palm oil will both soothe the skin while adding much needed vitamins and antioxidants, these are oils that are usually present in moisturisers to begin with so even better that you get them added to your skin every time you shave, especially if you shave regularly. A note: this product contains sustainable palm oil, which means the palm oil has come from a plantation approved of by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. If you want to read more information about sustainable palm oil then please give our blog a read: 


Sodium Olivate (Organic Olive Oil), Goat Milk, Sodium palmate (Organic and Sustainable Palm Oil), Sodium cocotte (Organic Coconut Oil), Sodium hydroxide, Butyrospermum parkii (Organic Shea) Butter, Titanium Dioxide, Parfum* Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil and naturally occurring within the essential oils, Citral, Geraniol, Limonene, Cinnamal, Benzyl Benzoate. *Natural blend of essential oils. 

Please be aware that ingredients can occasionally be changed by the product manufacturer, please check the ingredients list on the product container before using. 

Free from parabens and SLS.


This product comes directly from the maker as part of our Marketplace. Returns information will be provided by the maker in your package. However, if you have any issues with a refund or the product itself then please contact us at:

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