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Rozenbroek White Men's Organic Bamboo T-Shirt


All purchases from Rozenbroek are made to order. Rozenbroek advise a delivery time of approximately one month. Although, orders can be delivered sooner. Feel free to email to follow up on any order from Rozenbroek and we will happily deal with any enquiry you have. 

A simple white tee, a classic staple that every guy needs in his closet. Made from organic bamboo. What does that mean? It means bamboo grown, knitted and dyed in Turkey according to OEKO-TEX criteria. Brought to you by Rozenbroek, a London based clothing brand and designer.

Made in London, England. This product is manufactured with care and transparency using solar energy and the highest quality fabrications by a fairly paid, skilled craftsman. High quality guaranteed. 

This garment comes with a lifetime repair guarantee, should you have any issues please return the garment to Rozenbroek and they will endeavour to extend its lifecycle.


Made from organic bamboo yarns. The Bamboo is grown and spun into yarns in Turkey according to OEKO-TEX criteria. OEKO-TEX is a certification standard that certifies that textiles and clothing are manufactured in environmentally friendly production facilities under fair working conditions, not harming workers health in any way.


 This product comes directly from the maker as part of our Marketplace. Returns information will be provided by the maker in your package. However, if you have any issues with a refund or the product itself then please contact us at:


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